Parshas Ki Sovoi


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A point from this week's Dvar Malchus

Every Jew must have these thoughts in mind as he uses the month of Elul to make an account of his service in the previous year and prepare his service in the new year to come. For when he realizes the full extent of the potential which he possesses, he will understand its many different possibilities for expression. CONTINUE READING

TThis is particularly true in the present time, the final twelve days of the year. For as explained on previous occasions, each of these twelve days possesses the potential to compensate and complete the service of one of the months of the previous year and prepare for the service of one of the months in the year to come. 

And in this manner, we will prepare ourselves for shnas niflaos bakol, “a year of wonders in all things” and a year of niflaos binah, “wonders which will be understood.” READ FULL SUMMARY